This Is the Police 2

  • Xavi Robinson

This Is the Police 2 is a unique strategy game that has been created by Weappy Studio. It offers a gripping and intense story set in the seedy underbelly of a small town. Players take on the role of Jack Boyd, the police chief, and they must make difficult decisions as they balance the demands of the city and the criminal underworld. The game combines strategy, narrative, and RPG elements to create an exciting and immersive experience.


The graphics in This Is the Police 2 are vivid and impressive. The game world is highly detailed, and the characters and environments are rendered in stunning detail. The game’s visuals are further enhanced by its use of dynamic lighting and shadows, which add a realistic and cinematic quality to the game’s visuals.

Gameplay and Replay Value:

This Is the Police 2 offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience. Players must manage the police department, allocate resources, and make tough decisions that will affect the town and its citizens. The game also features a variety of missions and objectives that players must complete in order to progress the story. The game’s replay value is also high, as there are multiple paths and endings that can be explored.


This Is the Police 2 is a unique and highly entertaining strategy game. It boasts impressive visuals, a deep and immersive story, and engaging and challenging gameplay. The game’s replay value also ensures that players will have plenty of reasons to come back for more.q

  • Unique and engaging storyline
  • Impressive visuals
  • Challenging and rewarding gameplay
  • Multiple paths and endings
  • Variety of missions and objectives
  • Highly replayable
  • The cinematic quality of the game’s visuals
  • The game can be a bit too difficult for some players
  • Limited customization options
  • Lack of online multiplayer
  • Limited variety of characters
  • Some missions can be repetitive