Red Ball 4

  • Xavi Robinson

Red Ball 4 is a physics-based platformer game developed by FDG Entertainment. It follows the adventures of the Red Ball, a cute little round character with a mission to save the world. In each level, the player must navigate the Red Ball through various obstacles, puzzles, and enemies with the help of various power-ups.


The graphics in Red Ball 4 are colorful and cartoonish. The environment is detailed and full of life, with a variety of levels that each have their own unique look and feel. The Red Ball himself is charming and endearing, and his movements are smooth and realistic.


The gameplay in Red Ball 4 is simple but challenging. The player must use the Red Ball's abilities to navigate through levels filled with obstacles and enemies and use power-ups to help the Red Ball overcome them. The game has an interesting physics system, and the player must use their knowledge of physics to complete levels. The game also contains some puzzles and mini-games, which add an extra layer of challenge.

Replay Value:

Red Ball 4 has great replay value. There are a variety of levels to complete and puzzles to solve, and each level can be solved in a variety of ways. The physics-based puzzles are also challenging and can be solved in different ways, making the game replayable.


Red Ball 4 is a fun and challenging platformer game with an interesting physics-based system. The game is full of charm and has great replay value, with a variety of levels and puzzles to solve.

  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Interesting physics-based system
  • Variety of levels and puzzles
  • Colorful and cartoonish graphics
  • Smooth and realistic movements
  • Charming and endearing protagonist
  • Great replay value
  • Difficult for young players
  • Some levels can be frustrating
  • Lack of online multiplayer
  • Not many power-ups are available
  • Some levels can be quite long and difficult