Unlocking the Secrets of Outlanders: The Ultimate Game Guide for Building Your Dream Village

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Unlocking the Secrets of Outlanders: The Ultimate Game Guide for Building Your Dream Village

Outlanders is a unique town-building simulation game that demands strategy, foresight, and an eagle eye for detail in order to rise to the challenges presented by the game's different scenarios. To help you optimize your village-building experience, we've put together this comprehensive guide, addressing key aspects of the game so you can successfully build the village of your dreams. From village basics to efficient resource management and maintaining a mindful eye on your dwellers, look no further than this ultimate Outlanders game guide.

1. Start with the basics of the island!

Begin by thoroughly exploring your island and understanding its topography. Identify areas rich in resources and available land for crops and buildings. Plan and strategize on the best locations for your buildings to ensure maximum resource collection and a solid foundation for efficient village expansion.

2. Be efficient with your forager huts and lumberjack base!

Place your forager huts and lumberjack bases close to forests, as this will minimize travel time for your workers, increasing your resources' yield. Experiment with different base locations depending on the available trees and contours, ensuring that you maintain a balance between work efficiency and village aesthetics.

3. Keep an eye on your inhabitants!

To thrive, your village heavily depends on the well-being of its inhabitants. Monitor their needs in terms of food, housing, happiness, and any other factors that contribute to their overall satisfaction. This includes paying attention to their individual attributes to optimize their placement within the village – for example, assigning fishermen with high fishing attributes to your fishing areas.

Outlanders inhabitants in game

4. Use edicts to keep your residents under control!

Outlander's edicts system can help maintain order within your village by addressing dwellers' needs or limiting their available resource consumption. Strike a balance between permissive and restrictive edicts, ensuring a steady village economy while also ensuring that your inhabitants remain satisfied.

5. Roads help with speed!

Expanding your village includes building interconnected roads to link different areas together efficiently. Creating easy-to-navigate roads will significantly improve your dwellers' travel speed, boosting productivity throughout your village.

6. Check if the villagers are idle!

Optimal use of your inhabitants' time is crucial for village expansion. Regularly monitor your idle dwellers, reassigning them to tasks that benefit your village if necessary. Tapping on an inactive dweller will immediately provide a list of possible new tasks they can undertake.

7. Use priority to get your buildings in order!

Inevitably, you will require multiple construction projects to occur simultaneously, which might lead to stalled construction. Utilize the priority feature to ensure that the buildings most needed are constructed first, enabling smoother operation within your village.

8. Always have a large supply of food!

The survival of your village hinges on an adequate food supply. Constantly monitor and maintain a healthy food stock by assigning food-related tasks to villagers. Additionally, plan for potential food shortages by having a diverse range of food sources, such as hunting, farming, and fishing.

Pay attention to alerts in village

9. Pay attention to alerts in your village!

Outlanders will notify you with alerts regarding potential issues within your village. Assess and address these alerts promptly to avoid any detrimental effects and ensure that your village continues to flourish.

10. Maintain High Satisfaction Levels Among Citizens

A content and motivated population is the key to success in Outlanders. Regularly check your citizens' happiness level and address any concerns that may arise. Ensuring access to adequate food, housing, and a well-structured village contributes to overall happiness, fostering a harmonious environment conducive to productivity and progress.

11. Optimize Stockpile Placement for Resource Producers

Maximize resource collection by placing stockpiles adjacent to resource-producing buildings, such as lumberjack bases and forager huts. This strategy reduces transit time and further streamlines your village's resource management, contributing to growth and efficiency within your settlement.

12. Stay Vigilant Towards Optional Objectives

Don't overlook the optional objectives in Outlanders. These tasks offer additional challenges and rewards that can bolster your village's growth and success. Regularly review new objectives as they appear and plan strategically to accomplish these tasks alongside your primary goals.

13. Exercise Caution with Risky Decrees

Decrees can be a powerful tool for shaping your village's growth and reaching objectives faster, but they often come with a cost. Be aware of the potential risks and consequences that may arise from implementing certain decrees, and carefully consider the trade-offs before making these crucial decisions. With this ultimate Outlanders game guide under your belt, you'll be well-equipped to master the challenges presented in every game scenario. With careful planning, resource management, and a keen eye for your inhabitants' well-being, you'll create a prosperous village for your dwellers to thrive. The future of your Outlanders village awaits you – happy building!

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