Mastering the Guardia Compagnia: Optimum Builds for The Knight in Dead by Daylight

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Mastering the Guardia Compagnia: Optimum Builds for The Knight in Dead by Daylight

The unearthly realm of Dead by Daylight offers a diverse cast of characters for players, with a unique assortment of villains and killers bringing recurrent thrill to the game. One such character, introduced with the Forged In Fog DLC, is The Knight, a devious and unpredictable killer wielding an unusual power in the form of Guardia Compagnia. Mastery of The Knight requires a granular understanding of his distinct perks and abilities, thus necessitating a cohesive build structure. This guide will provide players with the best builds to enhance The Knight's powers and ensure dominance on the battlefield.

Simplified Brilliance: Non-Teachable Build for Newcomers

Simplified Brilliance Non-Teachable Build for Newcomers

New players to Dead By Daylight, particularly those without access to the expansive Killer roster, can maximize The Knight's prowess with non-teachable perks that enhance his abilities. This straightforward yet mighty build allows players to discover Survivors close to damaged generators and maintain pressure throughout the game. The following perks are suggested for this build:

  • Nowhere to Hide (The Knight): Reveals the aura of any Survivor within 24 meters for five seconds upon kicking a generator.
  • Jolt (General Perk): Successful downing of a Survivor triggers an 8% progress loss on all generators within a 32-meter radius.
  • Sloppy Butcher (General Killer Perk): Basic attacks inflict the Mangled and Hemorrhage statuses, slowing healing by 25% and causing healing progress regression.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death (General Perk): Upon completing the final generator, Survivors become exposed and suffer from a 4% Haste effect until the Hex Totem is cleaned.

Uncloaking The Beast: The Knight’s Elite Build

Uncloaking The Beast The Knight’s Elite Build

Players familiar with Dead By Daylight's intricacies can utilize a more advanced build, which incorporates special perks obtainable from other Killers or the Shrine of Secrets. This sophisticated build enhances The Knight's abilities to execute swift chases and maintain an unchallenged hold over the map. The following perks are recommended for this elite build:

  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague): Blocks the three furthest generators from the starting location for 120 seconds at the start of the game or until the first Survivor is downed.
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist): Starts with four tokens. For each different Survivor hooked on a white Scourge Hook, one token is lost, and the most progressive generator is made to lose 25% of its current progress.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel (The Clown): After hooking a Survivor, kicking a generator within the next 45 seconds results in a 30% progress reduction.
  • Save The Best for Last (The Shape): A 5% decreased attack cooldown for each basic attack dealt to Survivors who aren't the Obsession, up to a maximum of 40%.


Understanding and utilizing The Knight's abilities in Dead By Daylight can drastically raise a player’s chances of winning matches. Though The Knight may initially be difficult to master, through careful selection of perks and strategic use of his Guardia Compagnia power, every Dead By Daylight player – seasoned or new – can get their way around and master this intricate character.

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