Embark on Chivalrous Quests in These 5 Knightly Video Games

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Embark on Chivalrous Quests in These 5 Knightly Video Games

Hark! Warriors of the digital realm, if your heart yearns for the clink of armor, the clash of swords, and the honor of chivalry, then rejoice! Herein, I shall recount tales of the five video games that offer a seat at the roundtable of knightly escapades. Sharpen your blades and polish your shields, for we embark upon a journey through virtual landscapes abundant with valor and fortitude.

1. Shovel Knight: The Unconventional Crusader

Shovel Knight The Unconventional Crusader

In the pixelated world of Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games, players don the helm of a knight like no other. This indomitable warrior wields not a sword but a sturdy shovel to smite his adversaries and uncover hidden treasures. Plunging through realms of enchanting 8-bit aesthetics, this knight embarks on a noble quest to rescue his comrade, Shield Knight, from the grip of the cursed Tower of Fate. A knight's tale wrapped in endearing retro charm, Shovel Knight pits you against the infamous Order of No Quarter in a valiant effort to restore peace and companionship.


  • Innovative weapon mechanics that refresh the classic platformer genre.
  • Charming retro graphics and soundtrack evoke nostalgic bliss.
  • A variety of expansions provide new perspectives and challenges.


  • The retro style may not appeal to seekers of modern graphics.
  • Some may find the difficulty curve a tad steep.

2. Elden Ring: The Knight's Odyssey

Elden Ring The Knight's Odyssey

From the renowned creators at FromSoftware comes Elden Ring, an expansive action RPG draped in both darkness and splendor. Here, a class of knights awaits those of valor, offering a bevy of armaments to bear against a grim menagerie of foes. Your character is but an outline on which to sketch your own legacy, clad in steel and armed with the might of enchanted blades. As the Tarnished traverse through the dystopian beauty of the Lands Between, they encounter knights of unfathomable allegiance, each with stories interwoven into the fabric of this rich tapestry of adventure.


  • A vast open world filled with deep lore and varied environments.
  • Complex, rewarding combat systems that honor strategic play.
  • Expansive character customization, including myriad weapons and armor sets.


  • Formidable difficulty level that may be daunting for some.
  • Occasions of performance issues on various platforms.

3. For Honor: The Arena of Valor

For Honor The Arena of Valor

For Honor from Ubisoft Montreal invites warriors to the gritty reality of arduous medieval combat. Step into the sabatons of knights amongst Vikings and Samurai and engage in visceral, skill-based combat where every strike, block, and parry counts. Each knight's character boasts distinctive armor and a fighting style that requires mastery, echoing the artistry of real-world martial combat. The fields of For Honor are fraught with the grandeur of battle and the grim specter of unflinching combat.


  • A multitude of unique warrior classes offer varied playstyles.
  • Realistic and precise combat mechanics for an immersive experience.
  • Continuous updates and community events to keep the game fresh.


  • A High learning curve can be intimidating to new players.
  • Gameplay can become repetitive without varied content.

4. Mount & Blade: The Strategist Knight

Mount & Blade The Strategist Knight

Embarking on a grand campaign in the medieval sandbox of Mount & Blade, players rise from a lowly adventurer to a lordly knight. With TaleWorlds' creation, you don't just fight; you lead. Command your own band of soldiers across sprawling battlefields, employing tactics and skill both on foot and horseback. Siege castles, engage in diplomacy, and rule your fiefdom as you see fit. The clang of metal and the thrill of leading a charge are the hallmarks of the knight's path in Mount & Blade.


  • Complex strategy elements blend seamlessly with engaging action.
  • A vast, dynamic world with the freedom to forge your own story.
  • Robust community mod support greatly extends gameplay.


  • Dated graphics may detract from the immersion for some players.
  • The lack of a main storyline might leave players craving more direction.

5. Blasphemous: The Knight's Trial of Faith

Blasphemous The Knight's Trial of Faith

In the haunting and meticulously detailed world of Blasphemous, become The Penitent One - a silent knight on a quest for redemption through a land afflicted by a perverse curse. Developed by The Game Kitchen, this 2D action platformer melds the Metroidvania and soulslike genres into a grim tapestry of faith and penance. Armed only with your Mea Culpa sword, cut down the twisted denizens that roam Cvstodia and unravel the mystery of your own existence amidst a backdrop of gorgeous pixel art steeped in religious symbolism.


  • Dark, captivating narrative that challenges and engages.
  • Daunting is precise combat that rewards player skill.
  • Visually stunning pixel art and environments that tell their own stories.


  • The heavy religious undertones might not resonate with every player.
  • It can be unforgivingly difficult, testing the limits of player patience.

Amidst the pantheon of chivalrous games, one title consistently stands atop user reviews with unyielding gallantry - Elden Ring. It is here where the essence of knighthood not only lives but thrives in the hearts of players. Through its melding of narrative depth, open-world exploration, and intricate combat, it has garnered acclaim as the quintessential experience of knighthood in gaming. So, noble player, gird your loins, ascend your steed, and may fortune favor you on the path to glory within these knightly domains!

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