The release of Fallout: London is scheduled for April 2024

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The release of Fallout: London is scheduled for April 2024

As aficionados of the Fallout series, you might already be aware of the ambitious mod project Fallout: London. Crafted with the scale and polish of an official Bethesda Game Studios add-on, this mod for Fallout 4 has been in the works for a considerable period. Notably, the project's quality is underscored by the fact that Bethesda hired the lead writer from the Fallout: London team a couple of years ago.

Over time, the project's scope has expanded, leading to a few postponements. Yet, excitement is mounting as the launch draws near. The creators behind Fallout: London has recently unveiled a brief teaser on a certain platform, alongside a more detailed walkthrough available on YouTube. Aspiring wastelanders can look forward to an impressive array of content, including over 50 main missions, upwards of 200 side quests, fresh environments, novel gameplay features, and enhanced player comforts. Remarkably, the team has recorded in excess of 90,000 lines of spoken narrative—a staggering figure eclipsing the original Fallout 4's 111,000 lines and dwarfing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's 60,000.

Set to release on April 23, Fallout: London will be downloadable at no cost for Fallout 4 players on PC. While there hasn't been confirmation of a console iteration just yet, fans on PlayStation and Xbox remain hopeful that Bethesda may assist the modding team in porting this expansive experience to their platforms. The official spiel provides a tantalizing glimpse into what lies in store:

"Embark on an unprecedented venture with Fallout: London, a DLC-sized mod that thrusts players into the post-apocalyptic throes right at the historically significant footsteps of Parliament. This mod encapsulates the authentic, exploratory spirit inherent in Fallout titles, complete with an all-new setting, warring factions, engrossing stories, characters, armaments, creatures, and much more, all wrapped in a distinctly British package.

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